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5 Tips for a DIY Birthday Party

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  1. Plan Ahead– I know this should go without saying,but life gets crazy and then all of a sudden your birthday is a week away you have to whip something together. Let me tell you, that is stressful! So my #1 advice is to plan ahead. You don’t have to start pinning 10 months from party time but I would give yourself at least 6 weeks to prep. The more time you leave yourself the more fun you will have and the less hectic it will be.

  2. Printables– oh boy how I love a good printable. And most of the time I can find them for free. I opt to skip the store bought character party packs in favor of a more DIY approach. It saves me money, adds a personal touch and gives more options for the party theme. I usually start with an idea for a theme and then I search for a printable that goes along with it. I will use this as my inspiration point for the rest of the decor.

  3. Use what you have at home first As you are brainstorming ideas for your party, plan the activities, food, decor, all of it around what you already have on hand! Using up what you have at home is going to help you save a ton on money on your party planning! Even using decorations you already have in your house and using them in a unique way in your party location, can be a fun way to use what you already have at home to save money on your party!

  4. Activities and games The internet is going to be your best friend. No matter the age of your guest, looking up DIY games, crafts, or activities that go along with your theme is going to help you save money on your party! For our little kids we like to do crafts or science experiment (think DIY slime) type activities. Teens might like a DIY ninja warrior obstacle course, a selfie photo booth, or a DIY dance floor. Adults are a lot easier to please! Put out some food, get a good music station on, put out some games, and you are set.

  5. Accept others offers to help or bring food This one took me a long time to accept myself. If someone offers so help or bring food, let them! Not only is this going to help make room in your party budget but it also allows your friends and family an opportunity to serve. Serving is a Christlike attribute that we can all work towards. Just as important as serving others we need to let other serve us as well. Make sure that you do the same when you go to other parties! Always offer to bring food or help in some way!

How do You Save Money When Doing a DIY Party?

I know my partyshop queens out here have some great ideas on ways to save money on a party! Let’s chat about it down in the comments!

Thanks so much for stopping in and I’ll talk to you soon! xoxo

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